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Local Dev
Launching Support 
Many tech companies in Silicon Valley 
nowadays have offshore development hubs in Eastern Europe due to lower costs and availability of talented resources. We give you consulting services to launch a dedicated local development team that 
can work according to your needs and time zone.
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Coordination of Tour to Eastern Europe (Belarus, Ukraine, Poland) 
Visiting Ukraine immediately eliminates the clients’ fear of offshoring. They witness the development centers with their own eyes and immediately realize that the projects are managed in the universally accepted development methodology. 
We coordinate the tour to invite you and demonstrate their superior technology and
management system. 
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Corporate & private IT training and education in English (Ukraine) 
Send your new hired & experienced engineers to Ukraine and help them to acquire the following skills: Extensive programming & coding skills. 
Practical project management knowledge 
backed up by the real business experience.
Business English customized for the IT industry (for Japanese staff only).


Hiroshi Shibata

web design & support manager
Born and educated in Ukraine.
Professional graphic & web designer for the past 5 years. Fluent in Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and English.
Based in Kiev (Ukraine)
Born in Japan, educated in
the U.S.A., U.K. and Australia.
Worked in investment banking 
IT for over a decade. In 2002,
launched the first internet
startup in the field of technical
translation.In 2009, founded a
software and website
localization company,
employing 30 personnel.
Based in Europe (Berlin, 
Warsaw and Kiev) since 2016

We provide a range of IT consulting services 
from the design to backend development.
Our strength is our physical presence in Kyiv, 
the capital city of Ukraine where a myriad 
of highly skilled engineers reside.

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Web site, Software, Mobile Application Development and System Replacement/Upgrade
AI, blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), PWA, eCommerce, FinTech - there is nothing we are unable to achieve technically. Our talented team offers you a complete system solution using the cutting edge technology. 
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Web & UI/UX 
A good system
needs good design.
Our highly
and creative
designers help you
to build perfect UI
& UX that are user-
friendly and 
innovative to
navigate through.
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Translation & 
We offer you translation & localization services for the following languages:
Japanese, English, Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese (simplified & traditional), Korean, Polish, German, Spanish​​
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Eastern European IT Training, Resource Management, Recruiting, Staffing, Headhunting
Having trouble finding engineers in your country? Consult with us now! Eastern Europe is one of world’s hubs of talent when it comes to the most innovative technologies such as AI, blockchain and IoT. We help companies to recruit top performers for their corporate growth and achieve success in the current competitive 
business scene. 

Your Personal IT integrated 
solution provider 






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